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Jayne M. Lambert has been certified as a Circuit Mediator and a County Mediator by the Supreme Court of Florida and certified as a Mediator by the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida.  She brings over five decades of life experience, including twenty-nine years of legal experience in various fields of practice (see Legal Services page)  and  fifteen years as a certified mediator, to mediation conferences.  She applies the lessons learned from those experiences to help parties resolve their disputes. 
Ms. Lambert's mediation style is tailored to the circumstances of each mediation.  She exercises impartiality, good listening skills, patience, perception, intelligence, creative thinking, attention to detail, and per-severance, among other qualities, to assist parties in making informed decisions with the goal of reaching voluntary agreements to resolve their disputes.  Ms. Lambert believes that negotiated outcomes generally serve parties better than decisions imposed by courts or arbitrators and she relishes opportunities to facilitate voluntarily agreed outcomes through mediation. 

Ms. Lambert’s mediation services are billed at a reasonable hourly rate with a minimum two-hour charge for any mediation session.   She will travel to mediation conferences at attorneys’ offices or other conference facilities in Hillsborough, Pinellas, Polk, or Pasco counties without charging for travel time or expenses.   If the participants prefer, Ms. Lambert will host mediation conferences at her office located at 1228 East 7th Avenue, Suite 200, Tampa, Florida.


Please  phone  Ms. Lambert  to  check her availability  to  mediate  on your  proposed  date(s) and for information regarding the terms applicable to her mediation engagements.









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